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How Genoa is innovating with new designs in Acrylic Laminates

The Acrylic Laminates market in India has grown very competitive while the product grows in popularity. We have discussed how acrylic laminates are a value product and not a luxury product.

As the Indian market starts using the acrylic laminates more ubiquitously outside of traditional areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and into bedrooms and living rooms, we at Genoa are taking steps to innovate with designs that add a new look to the interiors of our customers' spaces.

For example, below you can find Genoa's exclusive designs GA-4807 and GA-4808 which are the only pastel pink and pastel blue stone print laminates available in the market. These designs allow you to bring color to a traditional space with a stone effect. What's more? We have a striped laminate matching the colors of these marble design which is also a Genoa exclusive product.

In photos: GA - 4808, GA - 4112, GA - 4807

These designs combine the trends of marble and pastel laminates along with fluted laminates to bring you a unique look which only Genoa can offer.

At Genoa, we are committed to bringing new and unique designs to our customers.

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