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6H Antiscratch Acrylic laminate

Soft Touch Matt Finish

Thickness: 1.3mm

Dimensions: 8ft by 4ft

GA - 4304 Soft Touch Mint

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  • Installation and Care Guide:

    1. Acrylic Laminates should not be used in a full sheet size, but cut with an acrylic cutter, and used in sizes less than 3ft by 2ft.

    2. Acrylic Laminates are extremely fragile and should be stored in clean and dry places prior to installation and The protective film should not be removed until after installation/

    3. Only use GEN bond should be used with the acrylic laminate and proper pressure must be applied for a period of 48 hours when installing.

    4. If the location of application contains, moisture or the air is humid, please use a dehumidifier in the room where installed.