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About Me (Meet Gala): A Career Switch from Actuary to Entrepreneur in Mumbai

Hello, I am Meet Gala, a passionate and driven individual who recently made a career switch from being an Actuary in Santa Barbara, California, to pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams as the Managing Partner of GENOA SALES LLP in the bustling city of Mumbai, India. This transition has allowed me to combine my love for mathematics, research, and my family's entrepreneurial background into a thriving venture in the building materials sector.

From an early age, I have always been captivated by the beauty of numbers and the power of mathematical analysis. I wanted to pursue a career that would enable me to utilize my research skills and make a meaningful impact in the world. However, given my family's entrepreneurial background, I faced certain expectations and pressures to pursue a more practical path. In order to strike a balance between my personal aspirations and familial obligations, I chose to embark on a journey in Actuarial Sciences as my major during my college years.

I dedicated myself to my studies and graduated with both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Actuarial Science from the prestigious UC Santa Barbara. During my academic journey, I had the opportunity to collaborate with highly talented individuals who inspired and motivated me to push my boundaries. Through these experiences, I developed a strong professional network, fostered meaningful relationships, and gained invaluable insights into various industries.

While I did not complete the SOA exams to obtain my Associate (ASA) credentials, the knowledge and skills I acquired through my Actuarial Science studies have been instrumental in shaping my entrepreneurial endeavors. I have been able to utilize many of these skills, such as predictive modeling and writing computer code for data analysis, in my current business, GENOA SALES LLP. These skills have enabled us to increase customer service and reduce capital cycle times, giving our company a unique competitive edge in the industry.

Throughout my career, I faced unexpected obstacles, including being let go from two jobs that I deeply enjoyed: at Carpe Data in 2018 and Root, Inc. in 2021. These experiences were undoubtedly humbling, but they taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of learning from setbacks. I believe that these challenges have contributed to my personal and professional growth, and they have shaped me into a more determined and persevering individual.

Among the highs and lows, my part-time work with Santa Barbara Actuaries and the meaningful professional relationship I developed with Dr. Ian Duncan, a professor at UC Santa Barbara, have been the most impactful. Dr. Duncan's mentorship and guidance have provided me with invaluable insights and wisdom, allowing me to further develop my skills and navigate the complexities of the business world.

With a strong focus on research and innovation, I am dedicated to developing sustainable and cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges faced by the construction industry. I am committed to providing beautiful, high-quality building materials that

enhance the efficiency and durability of structures.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, a thirst for continuous learning, and a deep sense of responsibility, I am determined to make a positive impact in the industry and contribute to the sustainable growth of our community. I am grateful for the setbacks and challenges I have faced, as they have only strengthened my resolve and shaped me into a resilient and adaptable professional.

Furthermore, the communication skills I developed through elective courses during my time at UC Santa Barbara have enabled me to foster meaningful relationships with strategic partners throughout India. These connections have been instrumental in our company's growth, allowing us to form strong alliances and expand our reach.

I am confident that with dedication, passion, and a commitment to fostering meaningful relationships, I will contribute positively to the industry and create a sustainable and successful business venture. With unwavering determination and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I am poised to make a significant mark in the industry and contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future for GENOA SALES LLP and the building materials sector as a whole.

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